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Monika's Top 5 BEAUTY Hacks

Here is a list of some of my tried and trusted beauty tips to try that I have learned over the years.

#1 | How to Apply Concealer

Use a small fluffy synthetic brush instead of a traditional flat concealer brush to apply concealer/foundation around the eye and where you need it. This creates an airbrush finish and won't settle into fine lines.

My favorite: it Cosmetics

#2 | Apply Eyeliner or Shadow Flawlessly

Use tape on the outside of the eye when applying eyeliner or bringing shadow out to ensure perfect symmetrical application.

My Favorite: Sephora Line Up Makeup Tape

#3 | Clean Up Shadow Fall Out Under Eyes

Use a plain sponge and makeup primer instead of makeup remover. This picks up the shadow and leaves the concealer in tact. It also preps the skin instead of leaving makeup remover residue where makeup can't adhere to. I use my makeup primer that has pearl pigments.

My Favorite: Dr Barbara Sturm/Monika Blunder Anti-Aging Primer

#4 | Can't Find your Blush?

Use lipstick as a cream blush. Simply apply whatever lipstick you are wearing/have in your bag with your ring finger by tapping onto the apples of your cheeks.

#5 | How to Apply Bronzer to Fair Skin

Use a darker pressed powder rather than a bronzer for a more natural look.

My Favorite: I love NARS Mountain pressed powder